Reading Tips – Reading to Your Children even when they can Read

Returning to school can be exciting, stressful, or even scary for some children.  Start a new tradition in your family.  Write a letter to your child on their first day of school.  Offer encouragement, share special things about your child that make you proud, and save your letters to re-read at the end of each school year.

Create a reading contest with your family.  Set a goal for your children.  If they read so many books, they get a reward. Be creative! Rewards can be anything your child would get excited about.  Perhaps, it would be the next title in a series they are reading, going out for ice cream, or having a slumber party.

Encourage imagination – play games with your child while waiting in line.  Plan a vacation that they would like to take or a make believe birthday party.  Take turns making up a story.  Ask them what they would like to be when they grow up and why.  Talk about a friend or relative who you have not seen in a while.  Imagine what you would say to them.

After reading a book to your child, encourage thinking by asking them questions.  What words do they not understand?  Have them draw pictures of what happened in the story.  Does this remind them of anything or anyone?  Do they think that this could really happen?  Does this remind them of another story?

If your child is restless, suggest they draw pictures while you are reading.  Use toys, food, or pictures while reading to them.

Let your child think up a different ending.  Reading boosts their vocabulary.  Continue to read aloud to them even after they have learned to read for themselves.  Read from books that are above their reading level.

“A book is the most effective weapon against intolerance and ignorance.”  – quote from Lyndon Baines Johnson

An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest. ~ quote of Benjamin Franklin.

Reading is the simplest most effective thing that a parent can do to help their child.  And even more important for a special needs child.  Thank you, parents, for making that difference.

If you and your children love books and want to create that awesome library of books, join us.  We need you.  Think of all the ways that you can help your community with this low cost start up kit.

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