Hot Hot July

My goodness!  Where has this month gone? and so quickly?  It’s summer and full of fun times, lots of lemonade, lots of barbeques, lots of water fun since it is such a hot month.  This is the best part of what I do.  Lots of flexibility so that I can spend more time with family and loved ones.  Lots of water, sand, sun, library activities, crafts, movies, and lots of reading time.  We don’t want them to get into the summer slide where they are not using all the skills that they learned during the school year.

For the month of August, it is double free books month.  So, sign up to host a group sale to earn free books for your family or for your community to help collect books for those who are less fortunate and do not have enough books to read or activities to keep their mind growing.  It is very easy as seen on .  If you have any questions, I would love to help you.  I love them and want to share them with everyone.  There are so many internet specials and ways to get them.  Check it out today.

JOIN us and check the current business opportunity. Great opportunity! Also, there is a $25 business supplies only package which is available, just check with me.  And you can get double free books!  I will also give you an extra $50 in free books if you sign up for an e-show starting August 1st.  This is good until the end of August.  So, do your holiday shopping early.  It’s better if it is educational!

Have a great summer!!

Like my page on facebook here and let me know what you like about them and anything you would like to preview and see.  

Great educational and heartwarming!

Contact me to order with free shipping $60 or more!



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